Our Story

As a mum to young kids I was always on the lookout for healthier alternatives.  I wanted to ensure that what I was consuming set a good example. I also wanted to provide my family with good nutrition but I needed to keep it interesting so they didn’t get too bored!  When my kids reached an age where they started to ask for lemonade I looked around for kid-friendly beverage options that were not high in sugar but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I started experimenting with fruit infused soda water.  I loved it and so did my family.  When I spoke with friends and colleagues, I realised that I wasn’t the only one desperate for a healthy beverage option and so Spring & Grove was born.

I am passionate about healthy living and nutrition but still believe it is important to have fun and enjoy what you eat and drink.  Spring & Grove makes water more interesting and tasty by infusing it with the essences and oils from real fruit and we keep it healthy by refusing to add any sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours or preservatives. Spring & Grove is made on 100% natural spring water that we source from the purest Australian underground springs. What does it taste like? It tastes just like you added a few pieces of your favourite fruit to a glass of sparkling water and best of all, Spring & Grove is ZERO calories.

There are way too many sugar ladened products targeted at kids and marketed as being healthy.  I created Spring & Grove so your family and mine can have a special treat but without the nasties.  For me, that means no mother guilt!